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The 27th World Gas Conference (WGC 2018)

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The World Gas Conference is the most important global gas industry gathering of influential leaders, policy-makers, buyers, sellers and experts. Conducted since 1931 by the International Gas Union (IGU), the triennial event aims to raise the voice of natural gas while offering timely updates on strategic, commercial and technical issues facing the entire gas value chain.

The 27th World Gas Conference (WGC 2018) takes place in Washington DC from June 25-29 and offers the most comprehensive and diverse program to date for the natural gas industry. Visit us at Stand Number 2507

January 2018

GASLESS LEAK TRAINER: The new standard for gas detection and emergency response training

SENSIT Technologies, a global leader in gas detection and measurement instruments, recently released the Gasless Leak Trainer.

The Gasless Leak Trainer (GLT) was designed to meet the hands-on training needs for gas emergencies and hazardous leak investigations. The GLT system pairs a Bluetooth-enabled tablet with specially equipped SENSIT and TRAK-IT IIIa Multi-Gas Detectors to simulate real-world scenarios without the need for live gas. The system includes Training Mode, Monitor Mode, and Testing Mode to assist with every aspect of employee development related to hazardous gas investigations.
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The GLT allows for total control of the training process. In Training mode, the trainer remotely sends commands to the user’s instrument in real time, allowing the employee to experience realistic scenarios in a gas-free environment. In Monitor mode, the trainer can observe the actions taken by the employee on the instrument during an exercise or live event. In either mode, the trainer observes the employee’s response to gas values, alarms, and other actions. The tablet also incorporates a customizable test to assess employee proficiency.
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Gasless Leak Trainer key features:
• Simulates hazardous conditions without live gas
• Improves employee safety and competency
• Provides realistic sensor and instrument response
• Includes customizable employee testing
• Improves emergency response and public safety

Training Applications include:
• Emergency Response
• Confined Space Monitoring
• Leak Detection and Investigation
• Gas Purging
• Barhole Testing
• Leak Search/Pinpointing
• Carbon Monoxide Investigations

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About SENSIT Technologies

SENSIT Technologies designs, manufactures, and services a complete line of gas leak detection instruments, combustible gas indicators, and toxic gas monitors. The product line was recently expanded to include instruments that detect buried piping systems. SENSIT Technologies trade names include SENSIT, TRAK-It, SMART CAL, and ULTRA-TRAC. Sensit Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.


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Trade Show Dates

Aug. 28-29, 2018
Western Regional Gas Conference
Henderson, NV

Sept. 25-26, 2018
CH4 Connections
Fort Collins, CO

Oct. 4-5, 2018
NGA Fall Conference
Saratoga, NY

Nov. 14-16, 2018
Midwest Damage Prevention Training Conference
French Lick, IN