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Hands-On Training: The Next Generation

Gas detection instruments used today are complex, with embedded menu systems, multiple gas display readings, ticking sounds, warning lights and alarming sounds. This can often be confusing for new and less experienced users. A live gas emergency is the wrong time to open an operation manual or second guess one’s training. The SENSIT GLT Gasless Leak Trainer is a must-have for anyone responsible for training the next generation of employees.

Becoming a proficient operator takes time, training and experience. Unfortunately, fewer experienced gas detection veterans are available to help newer workers learn and gain the skills they need in the real-world. According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statics, by 2026, the baby-boom generation labor force will be retiring at a record pace. Now is the time to train the next generation of gas distribution field technicians and emergency responders to use their gas detection tools properly.

Training a New Generation

The new generation of workers need training tools that are hands-on, engaging, interesting and if possible, fun to learn. The engineers at SENSIT Technologies were up for the challenge. After assessing the hands-on training needs of gas utility workers, contractors and emergency responders, they created the Gasless Leak Trainer, GLT for short.

Gasless Leak Trainer is a software solution that allows trainers to simulate common gas hazards that would otherwise be too dangerous and risky to reproduce. Gasless Leak Trainer is available pre-installed on a windows enabled tablet. The GLT System uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with specially equipped SENSIT GOLD G2 and Trak-It IIIa Multi Gas Detectors and CGI Units that will also react to “live” gases.

Whether one-on-one or in class room sessions, trainees can actively participate, learn, discuss and resolve challenges in a controlled, safe and educational environment. Since all gas readings are simulated, users can train and train again, until each and every trainee has mastered the tasks that keep the worker safe, keep the environment safe and keep the public safe.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Gasless Leak Trainer is perfect for workers who only have an occasional need to use a combustible gas indicator and for those who may not deal with gas leak emergencies every day. Experienced workers and trainers can show the next generation exactly how to respond to hazardous and combustible gas readings that conform to with their company‘s safety policies and compliance procedures.

While in Training Mode, trainers can put the instruments into alarm, conduct evacuation drills, practice reaction times, while guaranteeing company policy and procedures are engrained into every member of the team. Since the SENSIT GOLD G2 GLT and Trak-It IIIa GLT instruments are equipped with real gas sensors, GLT Monitor Mode allows trainers to see actual instrument gas sensor readings in real-time. Training personnel can watch and guide trainees during instrument calibration, along with any number of live gas investigation situations. The GLT System helps prepare trainees to make smarter, correct decisions.

Train, Test, Certify

The GLT Tablet Software has Operator Qualification (OQ) testing and certification options preinstalled. Pass/Fail format tests can be customized to suit your training procedures and company policies. Operator Qualification Certificates can be issued immediately to every successful candidate.

The SENSIT Gasless Leak Trainer is a must-have for anyone responsible for training the next generation of employees. But hey, enough of all this writing. The SENSIT Gasless Leak Trainer is a Hands-On product. Contact your SENSIT Technologies representative to try one today!

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