Features that enhance the user experience: easy-to-use interfaces, and seamless integration with apps or services. These features help users navigate and interact with digital products more efficiently, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.


SMART-CAL 360 logs calibration data, time, date, sensor, and pump performance. It pushes firmware updates to selected SENSIT instruments without the need to return them to the factory. It also tracks sensor life and provides an early warning for calibration bottle replacement.

SCAL 360

SCAL 360 makes managing instruments and users easy with drag-and-drop assignments, text, and email alerts. Choose between a desktop or network version, depending on your needs. Support for legacy SENSIT calibration stations.


SMART LINK 360 offers a 3-meter accuracy, with an optional 1-meter accuracy feature. It also includes a data logging feature that can store up to 5 months of records at 10-second intervals, with the capacity to hold up to 475,000 records. The device is adjustable to suit your needs.

GIS 360

GIS 360 manages real-time data for leak surveys and investigations. Compatible with communication-capable SENSIT gas detectors, it tracks and visualizes workflow. Integration with all communication-capable devices is on the way.


SERVICE 360 is a platform that provides regular and timely firmware updates to ensure that devices are up-to-date with the latest software versions.


SMART-LINK LIVE is an online platform that offers a free trial for real-time readings with GPS route mapping. You can access readings, dates, and times and export data in various formats such as .csv, .pdf, and .kml, including calibration logs. With this platform, you can also capture pictures and videos.


SENSITConnect is a web-based portal that enables users to manage SENSIT Environmental Monitors remotely. It provides real-time and archived data, data visualization tools, sensor health and settings, device location, tracking information, and notification options, and assists with identifying and estimating leak location quantification.