SENSIT LEL Gas Detectors

SENSIT combustible gas detectors are designed to give warning well before gas concentrations reach the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

SENSIT GOLD G2: LEL Gas Detector

SENSIT® GOLD G2 Combustible Gas Leak Detector can be configured for combustible gas readings in LEL, PPM, and/or percent volume. SENSIT® GOLD G2 can monitor up to 4 gases simultaneously, fulfilling any confined space entry requirements. Certified ATEX and UL. Learn More

SENSIT GOLD 100: LEL Gas Detector

SENSIT® GOLD 100 Gas Leak Detector and confined space monitor with expanded in-field capabilties. SENSIT® GOLD 100 displays LEL, PPM or percent volume and can monitor O2, CO, H2S or HCN gas simultaneously. Certified UL. Learn More

SENSIT GOLD: Multi Gas Monitor

SENSIT® GOLD Gas Leak Detectoris designed to find the source of combustible gas leaks fast. SENSIT® GOLD displays LEL and can monitor O2, CO, H2S or HCN gas simultaneously. Certified UL and CSA. Learn More

SENSIT HXG-3: LEL Gas Detector

SENSIT® HXG-3 Combustible Gas Leak Detector displays percent lower explosive limit and part per million readings simultaneously. SENSIT® HXG-3P is equipped with an internal pump for faster sampling. Certified UL and ATEX. Learn More

SENSIT HXG-2d: LEL Gas Detector

SENSIT® Combustible Gas Leak Detector locates Natural Gas, Methane, Propane and other combustible gas leaks quickly. SENSIT® HXG-2d displays LEL or PPM. Certified ATEX and UL. Learn More

SENSIT P400: LEL Gas Monitor

SENSIT® P400 Multi Gas Monitor is designed to warn the user of hazardous gases in their working environment. The monitor can be configured with 1 to 5 sensors. Certified ATEX and UL. Learn More

TRAK-IT IIIa: LEL Gas Detector

TRAK-IT® IIIa Combustible Gas Indicator is ideal for underground natural gas leak pin pointing, pipeline purging, and confined space applications. This multi gas detector is available for areas requiring UL, CSA and IECEx/ATEX certification. Learn More

LEL Definition

Lower explosive limit (LEL) means the minimum concentration of vapor in air below which propagation of a flame does not occur in the presence of an ignition source.