Gas-Trac FPL | Frontview with StandGas-Trac FPL | Frontview with Stand


GAS•TRAC® FPL methane selective and utilizes state of the art TDLAS (tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy) technology, providing the ultimate solution in field performance, data management, flexibility, safety and security.

It can be deployed on-site in less than an hour. While considered a “fixed point” monitor, the GAS•TRAC® FPL is easy to disassemble and reassemble where it is needed. No power? No problem. Integrated solar panels charge the built-in battery, making the GAS•TRAC® FPL self-sustaining and perfect for remote locations like storage fields, compressor stations, and well heads.

Analytics and site data stream in real time via GSM cellular for easy and reliable remote viewing. The system includes customizable alarms, self-calibration, automated alerts and much more!

Compatible with:
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Methane Selective
Dual Optical Assembly for Detection
Up to 50 Meter Standard Detection Range
Solar powered with built-in rechargeable battery
Wireless communication to secure server
Continuous datalogging
Includes Vane Anemometer (Wind Direction and Speed)
Reflector Plate
Ambient Temperature Monitoring
Ambient Pressure Monitoring
Relative Humidity Monitoring


Natural Gas & Energy – Upstream | Midstream | Downstream
Municipal Government Services – Landfill | Emissions Testing
Industrial – Steel Industry | Petrochemical Facilities | Paper & Pulp Production