SENSIT SPOD | FrontviewSENSIT SPOD | Frontview


The SENSIT® SPOD is a low-cost, solar-powered sensor system that combines wind and air pollutant concentration measurements to detect VOC emission plumes and help locate the source of emissions.

With a small footprint, the user-friendly SENSIT® SPOD is designed for near-fence line applications where localized emissions may be present. This Next Generation Air Measurement (NGAM) sensor offers real-time continuous monitoring and direct-reading, without laboratory analysis at a lower cost than traditional methods.

The SENSIT® SPOD can be combined with automated sample collection hardware to collect evacuated canisters or sorption tubes for later quantitative analysis.

Compatible with:
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Real-time Continuous Monitoring (Local or Remote)
Modular Data Transmission
SD Card Data Backup
Integrated Battery (Solar Ready)

Optional Features
SENSIT® SPOD offers an optional Ultrasonic Anemometer for wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, and pressure
Canister Value Controller – Value, Pressure (Optional)
Sorption Tube Pump – Diffusion blocking tubes required

Oil and Gas Production – Fugitive and Process Emissions
Municipal Government Services – Hazardous Pollutants/Nuisance Odors
Industrial Health, Safety, & Compliance – Industrial Site Fenceline Emissions Monitoring
Environmental – Ground-level Ozone Precursors
Emergency Response – Spills, Leaks, Explosions