Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Note: Due to unavailability of obsolete electronic components, this gas detection instrument will no longer be produced after 2nd quarter of 2012. SENSIT HXG-2d will be the replacement instrument.

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SENSIT® HXG-2 is single gas leak detector. With its durable design and easy operation, SENSIT® HXG-2 makes finding combustible gas leaks fast and reliable.

HXG-2 Standard Features
• Long battery life
• Long sensor life
• Adjustable tick rate system
• Audible and Visual Alarms
• Calibration Setting
• Alarm Mute

Patented sensor cap prevents contamination of the LEL sensor. Tick Rate Control pin-points leaks. Calibratable alarm gives early warning. Alarm preset at 10% of the LEL of Methane (natural gas).

Gas Detector SENSIT® HXG-2