Metallic Joint Locator

NOTE: This instrument has been discontinued. It is no longer being manufactured or serviced.

ULTRA-TRAC ® MJL accurately locates underground gas utility Bell Joints, Repair Clamps and Service Connections on metallic piping systems.

MJL Standard Features
• Adjustable "Tick" for Easy Locating
• Graphic Display
• Battery Strength Indicator

This specialized pipe locator detects features on piping systems that other underground utility pipe and cable locators cannot find.

Gas, petroleum and underground construction companies can use the MJL to locate specific buried pipeline features and significantly reduce the excavation area. This can greatly reduce street, sidewalk and driveway repair costs.

MJL works for many "Keyhole" operations. The MJL housing's center mark is the area of highest response.

Pipe Locator ULTRA-TRAC ® MJL


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