Calibration Service

SENSIT Technologies offers comprehensive gas detection instrument calibration and repair services. Rapid turnaround and quality workmanship are the hallmark of the SENSIT service department. Our technicians have broad experience on our product’s design, engineering, and application. This expertise means we get it right the first time, providing SENSIT customers with outstanding technical support.

Standard Calibration Service - $90
Standard Calibration includes a 12-point check of the instrument:

1. Verify serial number, customer information, purchase date and warranty status
2. Check batteries. Replace if necessary (extra charge applies)
3. Check operation and function of display
4. Verify proper operation of function buttons
5. Inspect housings for damage and gasket integrity
6. Check for dirty or cracked sensor cap or filter
7. Inspect gooseneck assembly for wear
8. Check for proper pump operation and that vacuum system is sealed
9. Check for any logged error messages (for SENSIT Gold G2)
10. Check age and output of sensors
       a. Replace O2 sensor if more than 2 years old (extra charge applies)
       b. Replace electrochemical sensors more than 5 years old (extra charge applies)
11. Verify date and time; reset if necessary
12. Calibrate instrument on applicable gas(es)

P100 Personal Monitor Calibration
• P100 HCN, SO2, and NO2 - $85
• P100 CO, O2, H2S - $55

Note that SENSIT ISO Standards require us to adjust and repair instruments that are out of specification. If additional repairs are required, customers using any of SENSIT’s Calibration Services will be charged for parts only (labor charge waived). No charge for software updates.

Level One Calibration Certification $40
In addition to the Standard Calibration Services, the Level One Calibration Certificate logs the type of unit, serial number, gas concentration, and lot number of gas used. The unit also gets a calibration sticker.

Level Two Calibration Certification $90
In addition to the Standard Calibration Services and the Level One information, the Level Two Calibration Certificate logs sensor data before and after calibration.

Please fill out and print the Request Form below. Send the completed form with the instrument to:

SENSIT Technologies
851 Transport Drive
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383

UPS, FedEx, RPS and Airborne deliver daily.