Carbon Monoxide: Standards & Effects

Health effects are related to the level of CO concentrations and length of exposure
  • 12,800 ppm Death within 1 - 3 minutes*
  • 1,600 ppm Nausea within 20 minutes. Death within 1 hour*
  • 800 ppm Nausea and convulsions. Death within 2 hours*
  • 400 ppm Frontal headaches 1 to 2 hours. Life threatening after 3 hours*
  • 50 ppm Maximum concentration for continuous exposure in any 8-hour period (OSHA)
  • 9 ppm Acceptable level of CO in a living space above outdoor ambient conditions (ASHRAE)
  • 0 ppm Desirable level

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Dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide

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*Health effects can vary significantly based on age, sex, weight and overall state of health.