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 SENSIT® GOLD EX/CO + 1200  is a multi gas detector that meets the BPI 1200 standard for residential energy audits and inspection of combustion appliances and fuel distribution systems.

Meets BPI 1200 Requirements
Digital Display for LEL
Audible Tick Rate
Preset Alarms
0 to 2000 ppm CO Readings
Calculates and Displays CO Air Free
UL 913 Certification

Furthermore, SENSIT® GOLD EX/CO + 1200 is
Easy to Maintain
Automatic Zeroing
Field Calibration
Low-Cost, Long-Life Sensors

Compatible with:
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SENSIT® GOLD EX/CO + 1200 multi gas detector is a highly reliable and portable gas detector designed to meet the BPI 1200 standard for conducting residential energy audits and inspecting combustion appliances and fuel distribution systems.

Displays up to 3 Gases simultaneously

Moreover, with its digital display for LEL, preset alarms, and ability to calculate and display CO air-free readings, the device can display up to three gases simultaneously, including:

  • Combustibles LEL
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Air-Free CO Readings (CF)
Standard Features

SENSIT® GOLD EX/CO + 1200 is UL 913 certified, and has an audible tick leak detection feature:

  • Lowest Cost Long-Life Sensors
  • Internal Pump
  • Water/Dust Filter
  • Field Calibration
  • Calibration Alert
  • Session Log
  • Calibration Memory
  • Infrared Download
  • Audible/Visual Alarms
  • Bright LCD Display
  • Programmable Auto Shut-Off

Additionally, it is ideal for combustible gas leak detection, carbon monoxide investigations, confined space monitoring, combustible gas measurements, and BPI 1200 energy audits.


SENSIT® GOLD EX/CO + 1200 is easy to maintain, with automatic zeroing, field calibration, and low-cost long-life sensors. Also, the device meets the highest certification standards, including UL and BPI, making it a reliable and efficient tool for gas detection and monitoring.