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The SENSIT® SPOD ClD2 that solar panels can power. Combines wind and air pollutant concentration measurements to detect VOC emission plumes. It is small and ideal for applications within the fenceline, providing real-time information about air quality without the need for laboratory analysis. Compared to traditional methods, it is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, costs less, and is user-friendly.
Compatible with: SENSITConnect
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  • The SENSIT® SPOD ClD2 is an advanced, eco-friendly, and sustainable air quality emissions monitoring sensor system.
  • Specifically designed for applications within the fenceline. Combining wind and air pollutant concentration measurements can detect and accurately locate volatile organic compound (VOC) emission plumes.
  • The SENSIT® SPOD ClD2 eliminates the need for laboratory analysis with its direct-reading capabilities.
  • Additionally, it offers real-time continuous monitoring, making it a cost-effective solution for air quality monitoring.
Standard Features
  • The SENSIT® SPOD ClD2 is a Next Generation Emissions Monitoring (NGEM) sensor. It is equipped with wireless connectivity for remote monitoring.
  • Easy to install and maintain, the SPOD C1D2 is ideal for localized emissions.
  • Real-time and accurate data provide a powerful tool for mitigating air pollution and improving air quality.
  • The SENSIT® SPOD ClD2 has a wide range of applications. Including oil and gas production, municipal government services, industrial health and safety, compliance, environmental monitoring, and emergency response.

Therefore, if you seek precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in air quality monitoring. The SENSIT® SPOD ClD2 is the perfect solution. Its small footprint, compact size, and advanced features make it a valuable investment for those who want to identify and respond quickly to any changes in air quality. Thus, preventing potential health and environmental hazards.