SENSIT RAMP | FrontviewSENSIT RAMP | Frontview


The SENSIT® RAMP is an easily deployable, low-cost air quality monitoring platform that is capable of monitoring up to five gaseous chemical pollutants, temperature, humidity, particulate matter, and meteorological conditions.

Electrochemical sensors offer PPB, parts per billion, resolution for CO, NO, NO2 O3, and SO2 gases. An integrated PM2.5 particulate matter sensor measures pollutants in the atmosphere.

Other features include internal SD storage, optional solar charging and global cellular integration for remote operation. Additional instrumentation may be integrated via four I/O ports on the side of the unit.

Compatible with:
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Durable, Weather Resistant Housing
Long Life, Low Cost Sensors
Local or Remote Operation
Wireless Cellular
SD Card Data Backup
Battery Backup

Remote Air Quality Monitoring
Pollutant Source Identification
Industrial Site Monitoring
Traffic Pattern Optimization
Environmental Impact Studies
Wildfire Air Quality Monitoring

Standard SENSORS
Carbon Monoxide – CO
Carbon Dioxide – CO2
Nitric Oxide – NO
Nitrogen Oxide – NO2
Ozone – O3
Sulfur Dioxide – SO2
Particulate Matter – PM1, PM2.5, PM10
TVOC (PID or MOS), Temperature, & Relative Humidity, Anemometer

Optional Electrochemical SENSORS
Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S
Ammonia – NH3
Chlorine – Cl2
Chlorine Dioxide – ClO2
Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs
Hydrogen Cyanide – HCN
Ethylene Oxide – ETO