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SENSIT® TKX is a hand held gas leak detector perfect for finding leaks along exposed piping systems.

SENSIT® TKX incorporates a solid state sensor to detect natural gas, propane and other combustible gases. High sensitivity allows immediate leak detection. Tick rate control to pinpoint leaks fast.

Low maintenance and low initial cost make this product the ideal choice for the budget conscious.

Easy to Use
Easy to Maintain

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SENSIT® TKX Combustible Gas Leak Detector is a handheld gas leak detector perfect for detecting leaks in exposed piping systems. Its solid-state sensor can detect natural gas, propane, and other combustible gases with high sensitivity, allowing for immediate leak detection. Its tick rate control system can pinpoint leaks fast, making it a reliable and efficient tool.

SENSIT® TKX is a durable, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain product perfect for budget-conscious people. It also has a low maintenance cost, making it an ideal choice for those who want a cost-effective solution.

Partial List of Gases Detected
  • Acetone
  • Alcohol
  • Ammonia – NH3
  • Butane – C4H10
  • Ethylene Oxide – EO
  • Gasoline
  • Halon – HAL
  • Hydrogen – H2O
  • Industrial Solvents
  • Jet Fuel
  • Lacquer Thinner
  • Methane – CH4
  • Natural Gas – NG
  • Propane
  • Refrigerants
Standard Features

The SENSIT® TKX gas leak detector is designed with several standard features:

  • Intrinsically safe design that is certified
  • Solid-state long-life sensor
  • Adjustable tick rate system
  • Audible and visual indicators
  • Alkaline battery power.

The SENSIT® TKX is useful for gas pipe leak detection, propane/butane bottle checks, chemical detection, and arson/accelerant detection.


UL-certified, ensuring its quality and reliability.

Overall, SENSIT® TKX is a great product that can detect several gases and has many features that make it easy to use and maintain. It is ideal for people who want a reliable and cost-effective solution for gas leak detection.