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SENSIT® P100 is an exceptionally rugged personal gas monitor available in single gas configurations.

SENSIT® P100 raises the bar in durability. The durable ABS plastic and shock absorbing material construct the housing to safeguard the instrument from the rigors of field use. Furthermore, to maintain the integrity of the IP65 rating, the instrument is sealed.

SENSIT® P100 offers a very simple two button operation for power, zeroing and performing calibration. Multiple LED’s beneath the frosted area create a very bright warning even in bright sunlight.

Calibration is easy to complete manually or with the SCAL100 calibration station.

SENSIT® P100 is
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SENSIT® P100 is a highly reliable and rugged personal gas monitor built to withstand the toughest field conditions. It is an excellent choice for those who need a gas monitor that is durable and dependable.

With housing constructed of durable ABS plastic and shock-absorbing material that protects it from damage. Sealed to maintain the integrity of its IP65 rating. Making it a reliable choice in harsh outdoor environments.

Standard Features

One of the standout features of this personal gas monitor is its simple, easy-to-use two-button operation for powering up, zeroing, and performing calibration. The device also features multiple LEDs beneath the frosted area, creating a bright warning, even in bright sunlight. This feature is particularly useful when working in an environment with limited visibility.

Calibrate your gas monitor with ease using SENSIT® P100. Choose a manual or SCAL-100 Calibration Station for a quick and effortless process. Perfect for frequent calibration, this feature saves you time and hassle. Trust SENSIT for accurate results and a stress-free experience.

SENSIT® P100 is known for its accuracy, ease of use, and maintenance. It features a range of available sensors, including:

The ability to choose from multiple sensors makes it easy to customize your gas monitor to your specific needs.

Another critical feature of SENSIT® P100 is its intrinsic safety design. Certified to be safe for use in hazardous environments. The device offers a one-button operation for audible, visual, and vibration alarms. As well as STEL and TWA alarms, alarm event memory, and easy field calibration.

With a 2-year operation and a limited warranty (including the sensor), SENSIT® P100 is a reliable choice. An extended warranty is also available, and you can use it with SCAL-100 Test Stations.


In summary, SENSIT® P100 is an excellent personal gas monitor built to last. Its rugged design, ease of use, and range of available sensors make it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to monitor gas levels in a hazardous environment.  The SENSIT® P100 is a dependable and effective way to stay safe and protected.

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