SCAL-P400 | FrontviewSCAL-P400 | Frontview

SCAL-400 Calibration & Charging Station


SCAL-400 Calibration and Charging Station features a touch screen display. Use your finger or the included stylus, to access instrument and station information.

Simply place an instrument onto any of the five slots. Each slot contains charger and communication connections. Testing functions require no user interaction.

During connection, the station automatically detects when an instrument requires a bump or calibration, and then performs the required test.

Two versions are available
SCAL-400-D 360 Calibration Station
The Desktop version communicates with a computer via USB when using SCAL-D 360 Data Management Software application. SCAL-D 360 is sold separately with a multi-year license.
SCAL-400-N 360 Calibration Station
The Network version can communicate through the Ethernet connection when using SCAL-N 360 Data Management Software application. SCAL-N 360 is sold separately with a multi-year license.
Compatible with:
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Design to Test/Calibrate SENSIT® P400 Monitors

Methane – CH4
Oxygen – O2
Carbon Monoxide – CO
Hydogen Sulfide – H2S
Hydrogen Cyanide – HCN
Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2
Sulfure Dioxide – SO2

Touch Screen Operation
Test/Charge up to 5 P400’s Simultaneously
Auto Operation when Instrument is Installed
Indication of Pass or Fail
RJ45 Intranet Connection/Serial
Gas Bottle Supply Monitoring
Configurable Valves
Wireless Firmware Updates Pushed To Devices
Wi-Fi/LAN Equipped (Network Stations)
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019

Reporting Features
Instrument Test Past Due
Instrument Failure Alerts
Monthly Compliance Report
Sensor Performance Data
Optional Networking System

Compatible with
SCAL-D 360 (Desktop)
SCAL-N 360 (Network)
Data Management Software