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SENSIT® IRED is an Infrared Ethane Detector for fast and accurate gas analysis.

The SENSIT® IRED is an ethane detector, patented by using infrared absorption spectroscopy to determine the presence of ethane in a methane sample.

Furthermore, this technology detects 250ppb ethane in a 50ppm methane sample, enabling field analysis of even the smallest samples for natural gas detection.

Ethane is the key “fingerprint” contained in pipeline gas and typically ranges from <2-25% by volume. The SENSIT® IRED is a field tool that produces accurate results within minutes. Rather than hours or days if other methods are used.

Ethane Specific – IRED filters out other gases.
Ideal for low concentration methane readings.
Displays 0-999 ppb ethane
Displays 1.0-500 ppm ethane

Compatible with:
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The SENSIT® IRED Natural Gas Leak Survey is an advanced ethane detector that employs infrared absorption spectroscopy to detect the presence of ethane in a methane sample. This cutting-edge technology is capable of identifying as little as 250ppb ethane in a 50ppm methane sample. Making it an ideal field tool for analyzing even the smallest gas samples.

The SENSIT® IRED filters out other gases and is specifically designed to detect ethane, a key component of pipeline gas. It provides highly accurate results within minutes, making it an ideal tool for detecting gas leaks in natural gas piping systems.

Moreover, the device can display ethane levels ranging from 0-999 ppb and 1.0-500 ppm.

Standard Features

Additionally, the SENSIT® IRED Natural Gas Leak Survey boasts several standard features, including:

  • Large Backlit Display
  • Powerful Pump
  • Measurement Logging to Record Readings
  • Record Calibration Data (Standard) with 100 Logs
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Simple 3-Button Operation
  • Infrared Communication

Additionally, the SENSIT® IRED can communicate with:

  • SMART-CAL Calibration System
  • SmartLink Software (via Bluetooth)
  • PrintRecords to IR Printer (all sold separately).

Its ability to deliver fast and accurate results makes it an ideal choice for low-concentration methane readings, enabling the detection of gas leaks in natural gas piping systems.