SENSIT IRED | Frontview with ProbeSENSIT IRED | Frontview with Probe


SENSIT® IRED is a Infrared Ethane Detector for fast and accurate gas analysis.

The SENSIT® IRED is a state of the art ethane detector incorporating a unique, patented use of infrared absorption spectroscopy to determine the presence of ethane in a methane sample.

This technology can detect as little as 250ppb ethane in a 50ppm methane sample. Even the smallest of samples can be analyzed in the field to determine if gas from a natural gas piping system is being detected.

Ethane is the key “fingerprint” contained in pipeline gas and typically ranges from <2-25% by volume. The SENSIT® IRED is a field tool that produces accurate results within minutes rather than hours or days if other methods are used.

Ethane Specific – IRED filters out other gases.
Ideal for low concentration methane readings.
Displays 0-999 ppb ethane
Displays 1.0-500 ppm ethane

Compatible with:
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Large Backlit Display
Powerful Pump
Measurement Logging: Record Readings
Record Calibration Data (Standard) 100 logs
Bluetooth Communication
Simple 3-Button Operation
Infrared Communication
Measurement Logging – Record Readings 100 logs

SENSIT® IRED can communicate with SMART-CAL Calibration System, SmartLink software (via Bluetooth), and print records to IR Printer (All Sold Seperately.)